Restaurant Furniture: Chairs, Bar Stools, and Tables

restaurant furniture manufacture, chairs, bar stools, and table

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Furniture for restaurants must be chosen appropriately so that it can function according to the needs and theme of the restaurant. Types of furniture contained in a restaurant in general, namely: dining chairs, dining tables, bar stools, and cabinets.

Wisanka as one of the furniture manufacture that serves projects also usually serves the needs of hotels and restaurants. Next we will try to explain some types of furniture that are usually available for the needs of various restaurants, including:

1. Dining Chairs

dining chairs

sakura restaurant chairrestaurant chair

The chairs used in restaurants consist of a variety of styles. Commonly used seat sizes are the seat height 46 cm from the floor, seat width 46 cm, and the height of the chair backrest from the floor to 1 m. The chair for the bar is taller with a back or no back.

2. Dining Table

a. Round Table

Carissa round table set
There are various forms of dining table, there are round, square, oval and rectangular. Round table or round table, the size for 4 people with a diameter of 100 cm, while the size of 8 people with a diameter of 152 cm. Often used in table manner events.

b. Square Table

Square table or square table, size for 4 people with a size of 137 x 76 cm. Often used in traditional restaurants.

c. Rectangular Table

Rectangular table or oblong table, the size of 2 people with a size of 76 x 76 cm. Widely used in restaurants that have a small space so that saves space.

3. Cabinets

restaurant cabinet

Is a cabinet that has parts such as shelves and drawers. These cabinets are placed in restaurants that are easily accessible by waiters. The top of the cupboard can be used as a place to put or prepare some cutlery. Side board serves as a place to store the tools needed at the time of service so as to facilitate the work of waiters.

4. Bar Stools

As the name implies, this chair is used at the bar, its high shape makes it easy for someone to grab a drink or food at the bar. In use at home, you can put it in the kitchen that has the concept of receiving guests or having a bar. This seat holder usually has a height of 80-90cm, and has a footrest at the bottom. In addition, the seat of the bar stool can also be rotated and height adjustable.


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