Wisanka Virtual Furniture Showroom Tour

Visual and Virtual Showroom Wisanka

Virtual Furniture Showroom Tour

Wisanka virtual furniture showroom tour. In times of pandemics like today, severely limiting the mobility of everyone around the world. Many of the annual exhibition agendas were canceled and face-to-face meetings also switched to digital platforms. Therefore, we are constantly improving to be able to adapt to the current situation

In the furniture business, especially those engaged in high-end furniture, having a large showroom, clear product areas and attractive decorations is one of the first factors that impress consumers. This showroom area not only displays product highlights, but also provides buyers with an overview of the interior set and considers whether the interior design is what they want.

wisanka virtual reality furniture showroom tour

==>>  Check Wisanka Virtual Reality Showroom Tour <<==


We are delighted to invite you to visit our showroom in virtual reality platform.
We are honored to present this immersive and dinamic digital experience to the world by launching our latest wide range of designs and materials. Everyone is invited to experience a fully personalized walkthrough our live virtual showroom with just simple finger slide and click. Our sales team would be very happy to assist you and discuss via email, chat room and scheduled video call to complete your virtual business journey with us.

Please kindly click the link below and Welcome to our virtual reality showroom.

==>>  Check Wisanka Virtual Reality Showroom Tour <<==

Indonesian Furniture is a furniture business that can fulfill most of the essential needs of users with a total area of ​​the showroom system. However, users may still need a lot of time to move around and consider interior options on their own. To increase customer benefits and convenience, Indonesia Modern Furniture introduces a virtual reality showroom that makes it easy for users to sit at home, see the products offered, and consider harmony in the overall space.

A virtual reality showroom will complement the online sales system and help Indonesian Modern Furniture customers have more choices when they need to find furniture for their home. Users don’t have to worry about the term ‘buying a cat in a sack’ because everything is recreated from actual product images.

Along with the launch of the virtual reality showroom system, Indonesia Modern Furniture will have launched a complete furniture package for young families at an affordable price.

We sell various kinds of furniture for furniture businesses around the world. It is suitable for furniture wholesaler players. We accept furniture reproduction or make furniture from the designs you have.

Instead of going to the showroom to see the reality, choosing colors takes a lot of time and effort. Now, with the virtual furniture showroom for furniture companies that sells, you can see samples from different angles in 3D today. In particular, the app also supports you to scan room space and place 3D models with virtual environments that have been recreated. This will surely make you satisfied.

To order and ask about our furniture catalog, you can ask our marketing in the live chat below. We hope we can cooperate well. We export furniture to all countries around the world. We are waiting for your free discussion in the live chat room below.

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