Monthly Archives: November 2012

Garden Furniture to Love Outdoor Living

Nowadays, no doubt that people require a comfortable atmosphere for the home living. The comfort made inside and outside of their house building. The inside of the house is the main section of the living space where daily activities happened such as bedding, dining, bathing, entertaining time. Even so, the outside of the house also […]

Modern Outdoor Furniture at Home

Modern tropical garden is the best way to strengthen the natural look of tropical home architecture. The concept itself combines modern elements with tropical plants and trees to provide you distinctive style of green garden at home. The garden is simple, whether its look and maintenance, yet beautiful. Tropical trees such as frangipani tree, bamboo […]

Luxury Garden Furniture

Having garden as part of house or dwelling is a plus for the homeowner. It is because they can spend their time in indoor and outdoor area without leave the house itself.  To have a maximum spending time outside, every outdoor space must be decorated with beautiful plantations and garden furniture as completion. Garden furniture […]