Garden Sun Bed

Wooden sun bed seems the most comfortable furniture to lay down on it on the summer. It is the best furniture for sun bathing while relaxing, whether on the poolside or beach. Well, this season is certainly not good for sun bathing anyway. Garden sun bed made from teak or other wood material perhaps the most used in resorts and hotels. Wood, especially from teak wood, is known as the finest material for outdoors.

Wide ranges of materials can be used. It is ranging from natural to synthetic material. Natural material such as wood, rattan or wood combined with other material like stainless steel and cast alloy to bring distinctive impression of garden furniture. it is can be seen on the picture below. The collection of Fairlady sun bed brings an elegance on your outdoor space or poolside. Cast alloy framed sun bed with slatted teak wood give natural look yet simple and modern ambiance. It looks suitable, whether on small outdoor space or resort and hotel poolside. Soft cushion can be added to give comfort.

Garden Sun Bed

Beside natural material like wood and rattan, other material used is synthetic rattan. This material is more flexible to be created into various types and designs of distinctive sun bed. Synthetic rattan has other excellence in design and color compare to natural rattan, which is variety in colors that cannot be provided by natural rattan. The colors of collection are more bright and unique. We can find any electric blue color in natural rattan, can’t we?  Otherwise, you may choose your favorite color, instead of having brown colors of tone.

Natural or synthetic, each of them brings distinctive impression yet ambiance. It is certainly suit with type of outdoor, requirement and purposes. Ranges of garden sun bed are available in many furniture stores. The most important is its quality and durability, in which placement of the furniture that will affect its durability as well.

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