Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak, The IFEX 2020 Event Was Postponed

IFEX 2020 Postponed

Official Letter IFEX 2020 Postponed
Greetings from HIMKI and Dyandra Promosindo.

With all due respect, we regret to inform you that the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2020 that will be held on 12-15 March 2020 at JIExpoKemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia will be postponed until the situation and condition is conducive to every participant.

Considering the current issue comprehensively, particularly the impact of coronavirus. Which has no solution so far – the organizer believe that health is the most important thing above all else. Thus, we believe that all the exhibitor of IFEX and other stakeholders will understand about the postponement.

For exhibitor who already paid for the participation on IFEX 2020 which has postponed, the organizers guaranteed that you will have the same rights for the upcoming IFEX.

Conversely, for participants who intend to withdraw from IFEX 2020, the organizer will provide a full refund. According to the confirmation contract form. However, the organizer doesn’t guarantee to provide the same space/ booth for the next IFEX.

The organizer would like to express our respect to all the exhibitors who sympathize and accompany us in this difficult situation to enhance the long-term cooperation and development.

Thank you for your kind support and cooperation.

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