Garden Furniture: Suitable for Outdoor Living

Homeowners who have a small or big space of outdoor, they always think to complete their space with outdoor furniture.  Whether it is a porch, deck, patio or garden, it is suitable to add more light to it by adding some furniture pieces.  By throwing some pieces, homeowners can drink a cup of hot tea in the breeze of winter or ice tea in the summer afternoon with enjoying home garden.

These days, many styles of furniture are in furniture stores. Stores offer uniqueness, function, designs, and others to attract consumers. The significant thing is that you as consumer can be wise enough to choose garden furniture needed for your home. As if it not, then you will not able to comfort on your furniture pieces.

Garden Furniture


Material of furniture is always the first consideration made by people at the first place. The other factor in purchasing garden furniture beside material is the price of the final product. In term of material, there are furniture materials available for garden, patio, decking or conservatory – these all types- such as wood, plastic, aluminium, iron and others or combination among them. Each type of material has its own characteristics.  Plastic furniture is light and easy to move. Iron and aluminium furniture has solid impression and weather resistance. While, wood furniture is more specific and identical for outdoor space furnishing.

In term of wood furniture for outdoor living, there is one popular kind of wood for called teak wood. Teak wood, which Latin name is Tectona Grandis, has been a long time people’s favourite for furniture indoor and mostly outdoor. Although  for outdoor but teak outdoor furniture is weather resistance, need little maintenance, durable, and termite-free. This is why many teak lovers set teak furniture in their outdoor since it is worth it with all the benefits.

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