Modern Garden at Home

Modern tropical garden is the best way to strengthen the natural look of tropical home architecture. The concept itself combines modern elements with tropical plants and trees to provide you distinctive style of green garden at home. the garden is simple, whether its look and maintenance, yet beautiful.

Tropical trees such as frangipani tree, bamboo also orchid strengthen the feel of tropical atmosphere on the garden. Those plants and trees can be combined with other plants or trees to create the garden looks more vibrant and beautiful. Modern elements can be provided by hardscape elements in modern nuances. You are able to put stepping-stone in natural shapes to ease when walking on the garden or provide distinctive garden furniture on it.

Garden furniture is one of important element on the garden, as it provides you a comfortable sitting area. Wood garden furniture made from teak can be great choice for it, as teak is one of tropical wood. Its presence strengthens the tropical atmosphere of your green garden. Besides the impression provided, teak garden furniture also favored because of its quality. People choose teak garden furniture because of its beauty, quality and durability, whether you put them in the patio or simply left on the outdoor garden.

If the space available is wide enough for the pond, add it to the garden design. Even a small fishpond or water fountain enable to soothe the environment and increases the natural atmosphere of your garden. If you love drama, add some spotlight around the pond or water fountain. It would be looked more dramatic at the night. The lights give distinctive view also exposed the beauty of it.

Besides the appearance and design, do not forget about its maintenance. Put and plant low maintenance trees and plants if you do not have enough time for it, for instance, cover the garden with a kind of short bulrush which known for its minimal lawn care. It sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

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