In-house Garden

Mostly people think about wide space or yard required to have beautiful green garden, with trees and lot of plants and flowers to bring lovely view at home. Therefore, many people who live in the small living space, for instance in the apartment skip a garden in their housing design. The presence of garden or some green spot at house can be a place to relax or relieve all the stress after work. We do not have to build a wide green garden with fishpond and trees on it. Small green spot inside the house also give you the same advantages with the bigger garden.

The sound of gurgling water can be presented with small water fountain, which today is increasingly popular. Its sounds can creates soothe atmosphere and relieve all the fatigue. Small water fountain can be put in the corner of the house or other place that suitable for it, to bring natural atmosphere in the house.

In-house garden is the best way to bring green view and natural atmosphere in the house. If there is enough space to build a patio, you can bring potted plant or small tree to strengthen the atmosphere. Then you can put nice and comfortable garden furniture on it. The sound of gurgling water and scent from flower and trees make it as the best place to relax. Placement of garden furniture on it creates comfortable sitting area; therefore, your patio can be second living room or even dining room. It brings distinctive experience to all.

Many type of water fountain can be found in stores. You can find one appropriate with the space available. stone is the most common material used for water fountain. The element of rock also strengthens the natural impression you tried to build in the in-house garden. The combination of both rock and wood from your garden furniture enable to bring distinctive impression in the patio.

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