Garden Teak Furniture: Material Combination

Teak wood, Latin name Tectona Grandis, is one of strongest wood available in nature. For instance, if teak is used as ship construction then it will be durable for more than half century as the ancient proves.  From this, then teak wood is expanded the usage into building and furniture material.

Garden Teak Furniture

As furniture material, teak provides benefits for the owners because of its characteristics that contain oil to protect from defect and weather-resistance. As the time goes by, teak furniture especially for outdoor use, the design is not merely solid teak as the material but it is combined with other materials. The usage of other materials adds the beauty of the furniture not to mention presents other unique look to enliven living space.

Stainless steel. It is often to stumble on garden teak furniture combined with stainless steel as its frame, legs, or arm for tables or chairs for more modern and edgy design. Stainless steel is also eco friendly, as it has no harmful effects to the environment. Teak furniture is considered has higher price tag to other furniture material and when combine with stainless it becomes more expensive but I is worth its quality, uniqueness, and durability as an investment.

Cast alloy. This material is another metal combination that usually found in garden furniture.  It is non-toxic and ideal for furniture since it is easy to bend that can produce sophisticated shape.

Batyline.  A durable and quality material made of polyester fiber covered with PVC coating. This material is less popular compared to cast alloy or stainless steel but many furniture manufacturers have introduced it to garden furniture seekers. Batyline is usually used as backrest and seating pad of sling chairs, hammocks, loungers, etc for outdoor use. Batyline and teak share similarity since they both are resist to mildew and rot.

Canvas. A fabric that is used as application to clothes and now becomes combination to garden furniture. Canvas is most suitable for seat and back of chairs material or a patio daybed cover. you can find waterproof canvas to make sure this material as durable as the teak furniture you have.

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