Indonesian Wooden Material

Wooden material which is used for all Wisanka wooden products – furniture, homeware, and lighting, custom or regular items, are the wood which is widely used as wood working material. These woods are local wood which its quality has been tested. Here are the wood types which is used:

1.Teak Wood

Teak wood is assumed to be the most beautiful wood in terms of texture, color, and grain – teak woodis also called as Tectona Grandis. This kind of wood is also very famous not only in Indonesia but also among countries in worldwide - because of its good reputation. Wood is classified into wood class I, II in terms of durability and strength. Moreover, teak wood strong againts termites and other insects. This is because the oil content in the wood.

Teak wood is suitable for all wood stain finishing materials. Due to teak wood oil content, it's not recomend to apply painted finishing material on it.

Indonesian teak wood availability is quite abundant. This wood can be easily found in several areas in Indonesia - Java, Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Lampung.

The growth rate of this wood is quite slow – one of causes which make teak wood is quite expensive among other wooden materials. Due to all of the advantages, Wisanka recomends teak wood to be furniture materials for all of our buyers - especially in the project of hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, etc.

2.Mahogany Wood

Swietenia Mahogani wod, usually called as Mahogany wood, is classified into class III based on its strength and II, III based on its durability. Mahogany is well known in worldwide as teak wood. Its color is reddish with quite smooth texture and straight, small, and soft grain. Mahogany wood is suitable for various types of furniture - even for curve shape and carving. This type of wood will not crack easily when you cut or nail it. Moreover, this wood is also suitable for all types of finishing - including painted.

Mahogany wood habitat is in tropical region – including Indonesia. In Indonesia, live mahogany can be found throughout Java.

3.Mindi Wood

Mindi wood, usually called as Melia azedarach L is a wood that lives in tropical climates. This type of wood can be found in some countries such as Indonesia, Burma, India. Mindi wood belongs to class III, II in terms of its strength and class IV, V in terms of its durability. Mindi wood has a very lovely and stunning wood grain – it looks like teak wood grain but a bit larger. Having a bright color. For its price, it's not too expensive. Furthermore, this type of wood is easily to be shaped – but it's not recommended for curved and carving. Thus, mindi wood is one of recommended option as wood wood working material (include furniture, homeware) who has simple design and needs more aesthetic value.

4.Suar Wood

Suar wood is one of wooden material which is in demand by the local and world wide market as furniture and others wood working material because of its’ miraculous wood grain. Suar wood is a wood that can be found in tropical countries - one of them is in Indonesia. Due to its rapid growth, very large suar wood can still be found easily. Suar wood can grow and reach 40 m height and 4.5 m diameter.

Based on the level of durability, this wood belongs to class IV. While based on the level of strength, this wood belongs to class III. This is why Suar wood are only suitable for indoor furniture. Even, furniture use this material has a typical character - the thickness of more than 4 cm and width up to 1.5 m.

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